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Do I need to audition?


NO! Make Noise and Make Noise 2 are entirely inclusive. You will never be required to sing on your own unless you would like to sing a solo!


Do I need to read music?


NO! We do supply the music for people who do read music but for those who prefer to learn aurally, we provide access to all of the recorded harmony parts so that you can practise at home at your leisure.


How much does it cost?


Make Noise – We charge by the term and we average our terms to 12 weeks. The total termly cost is £75.


Make Noise 2 – Also payable per term. £60.


Do I have to perform?


NO! If you just want to sing for the joy of it and not attend performances for whatever reason, we will never put pressure on you.


Will I make new friends?


YES! We are an incredibly friendly bunch and you will undoubtedly make friends for life at Make Noise.


What happens at my first rehearsal?


You will be greeted by Cath (the director) and Claire (Administrative Coordinator). Cath will talk to you about your voice and ensure that you sit with the group that best suits your voice; Soprano (high), Mezzo (middle), Alto (low) and the Men have their own section. We will then introduce you to someone from that group so you don’t feel uneasy. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome.


When’s the best time to join?


Ideally at the beginning of each term (January, after Easter or September). It is likely that we’ll be starting new material at the beginning of the term. We close off our register after each half term, however, your place will be secured for the start of the following term.


Do you have relevant police checks?


Yes. All our staff have full enhanced DBS certificates and full public and private liability.


If you have any other questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer.


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